Artist Statement

While studying life drawing, my focus was drawn to the aesthetic qualities found in the use of line. A single drawn line can express gesture and movement, direction and depth on a flat surface. Over the years, I strived to convey these qualities in my drawings. Moving toward sculpture, I carried these disciplines to another dimension.

I chose to use plywood for my first project. Not until I started carving into a stack laminated block did I realize the potential of the material. I could use the "strata" in the plywood as my lines to express movement and direction.

I can control these lines as I carve by changing the angle and depth of the material being removed. The "strata" in the stacked layers of plywood become the line-work your eyes follow over the contours.

I have found a connection between drawing and sculpting. I build with line on paper and pull lines out of the wood when sculpting. Both disciplines have evolved from the same origin.

Sculpture 2007 Baltic Birchwood

David Knopp
Sculpture 2007
Baltic Birch Plywood