About David Knopp

“David Knopp carves plywood laminate into fantastically abstract shapes, imbuing the rigid nature of wood with the fluidity of water.” – Maryland Public Television

I have explored the aesthetic qualities of line for many years, first with life drawings, then with sculpture. A single line can express gesture and movement, direction and depth on a flat surface. With my first sculptures using plywood, I was surprised to discover the linear strata inherent in the medium. Carving laminated blocks of plywood, I create flowing, liquid lines that engage the senses as the eye travels over the contours of my objects. The “unexpected” factor is what my work is about. It often barely resembles the initial sketch or anything I may have had in mind. The piece always unconsciously gets in my head and changes, both in my vision of it and then in actuality. That is why it seems that sometimes the work occurs outside of me and I may not know how I got there. It takes over.